Thanks for your interest in the PakMyMeds Network!

PakMyMeds Network is a forward-looking group of independent pharmacies that provide strip packaging medication adherence services to their patients. With this program, prospective patients can visit, enter their location information, and find a local pharmacy offering to neatly package their daily medications into an attractive box. Each PakMyMeds box can accommodate a month’s supply of pre-sorted medications, organized into clearly labeled pouches, one for each medication administration time, or med pass.

PakMyMeds enables patients to keep the personal relationship, rapport and trust they already enjoy with you, their local pharmacist. As a pharmacist, you care about your patients, you treat them like family, and you and your staff can personally take care of their needs, questions and concerns on the journey to helping them be 100% adherent.

Entry into the PakMyMeds Network is FREE for all RapidPakRx system pharmacies. Using GeoMarketing ad networks, social media, and location-based targeted ads, PakMyMeds will help you reach patients who could benefit from adherence and/or are searching for adherence packaging online. Upon finding, patients will be routed to the PakMyMeds Network pharmacy closest to home. Participating pharmacies will receive the patient’s inquiry, and can follow up with patients directly to determine the best adherence program for them.